The chesterfield sofa is an iconic and antique furniture piece that manifests sophistication, comfort, wisdom and style at the same time.

Chesterfield sofa

If you have ever wondered just how these antique pieces are made – and why they last, the popular and unique icon for so many decades – just take a look at the step by step process – handmade process.  Each unique piece of furniture that Chesterfield Furniture Factory supply is handmade and with finest materials.

  • Design Proposal
  • Prototyping
  • Blueprint Finalization
  • Framing
  • Foam and Filling
  • Upholstering
  • Finishing with Double Buttoning, Studding & Stitching
  • Quality Analysis
  • Furniture Packing
  • Final Delivery


Sofa frame selection is the essential step of Chesterfield sofa’s production. We use highest quality hardwood frame which makes the strong and durable base.  Framing assembling is handmade using glue, screws, and dowels to form strong joints.

Foam & Filling

For foam and fibre filling, we first follow the current Australia fire regulations and our manufacturing construction to exceed both domestic and contract standard.  There are many factors such as particular shapes, colors, fabrics and leathers that influence in this filling process.

The Leather

There are hundreds of styles, colors and leather finishes available in the upholstery market. Here at Chesterfield Furniture Factory, we have used handpicked and hand washed Milano Italian leather with the best quality for our valuable customers.

Upholstery- Finishing with Double Buttoning, Studding & Stitching

After that, the sofa is double buttoned on the front border with hand-tacked studding and individual seat coil sitting cushions.

If you would like to know more about chesterfield sofa or you have any questions, please contact us today!  We’re waiting to hear from you!


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